Bermuda Carnival (2017)

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Bermuda Heroes Weekend is the time of year where we celebrate the legendary individuals who have helped shape our island’s collective culture. It also includes a “battle of the bands” in true island fashion by holding a carnival led by semi-trucks & trailers outfitted with confetti cannons, live DJs, food, drinks & all of the gear needed to celebrate. This road party lands at the beginning of summer & has historically changed venue island-wide. Other events of the weekend include a multitude of parties (like J’ouvert; a massive paint/water/color party reminiscent of India’s Holi festival) and other crazy events such as a raftup in the middle of the ocean where locals & visitors alike can get their first proper summer fix of music (soca/reggae/Calypso/dancehall/afrobeat fill the air everywhere you go), revelry & community. While most people attend these events with friends in town, it’s nearly impossible to leave without making new ones! The glaringly obvious lack of clothing creates an atmosphere of openness and some of the most stellar displays of body positivity possible. The all-inclusive vibe makes sure that a spectrum of age, color, shape, sexuality, gender & nationality are all represented, adorned and esteemed. If you ever get the chance to attend, there’s no question whether or not you should be there!

Music: Wonder – Get Bad