I make dope shit for dope people.

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Let’s be realistic, ads suck. So how do you sell your brand without being annoying? By creating content that adds value to your audience, not yourself. I produce organic content that does exactly that in order to create brand association that you can leverage to create transactions.


The desire to consume stories is embedded in our DNA. Master storytellers have always been regarded as most influential people of any era, from ancient village elders to modern film directors. They create the narratives that the culture propagates. Positioning yourself as a storyteller ensures that your legacy will live in a lasting fashion.

Web/Graphic Design

I create clean, badass websites that are amazing venues for your audience to find out about you & your brand. I can also fill the space with impactful imagery & graphic design that looks like the right side of your brain’s Instagram likes.


What good is a brand without an audience? About as useful as shoes to a snake. Let me help place your brand in front of the people that need to see it. I use the latest tools & platforms to get you the eyes, ears & attention of your dream audience. Let’s make shit wavy, baby.

Collaborations & Cross-brand

I play well with others & love creating mutually beneficial relationships. Why don’t we cross streams & make some bomb shit? Let’s be honest, all of the kids from Captain Planet pretty much sucked until their powers combined.

Guest/Sponsored Content

I’m shooting badass content, regardless. Why not capitalize on an existing format, product & audience to leverage brand awareness for yourself? If you think your brand is sexy, interesting or amped up enough, slide in my DMs, bae!


Sometimes I can actually be convinced to leave the house! Why not get some additional coverage of your event, increasing your overall exposure? Plus, everyone knows if left idle for too long, I’m known to cause trouble, so you’d be doing me a favor too.


I’ve become somewhat infamous for occasionally creating things that make great headlines. In the event that happens, why not get the lurid details directly from the source? Feel free to get at me if you need to run a juicy story that definitely won’t put your readership to sleep.


Best of Bermuda


This award was received for my work creating #BerRights. This social movement highlighted the Human Rights Act amendment & allowed Parliamentary hearings to be heard worldwide.

Best of Bermuda


This award was received for my work as co-creator of the social brand BERMEMES. It utilized a local voice & perspective to address various social issues from politics to nuanced humor.

Bermuda Tech Award


This was awarded via public vote on an emerging local technology innovation for my work in creating the online platform that ran Bermudian brand BERMEMES.

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  1. I’ve been eaten by a jungle/sea creature.
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  3. I haven’t checked my e-mail because I seriously despise e-mail.

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